Let the Right One In Film Titles
Movie titles created for my title design class at Ex'pression College. The titles were shot using a Canon 60D. A miniature set was created then covered with water. Plaster of Paris was shaken into the water to create the snowy feel.

Used: Canon 60D, Apple Motion, 4 foot tall tank, gallons of water, plaster of paris, toys, dolly
Cinematography, Motion Graphics, Typography

  • Footage Stills, Production Shots & Storyboards

  • A snowy set was built using felt and toys. The hook in the back was to help weight the felt down. 
  • Lydia Baillergeau breaking down one set from the "Let the Right One In" title sequence filming. Plaster of paris was shaken into a large 5 gallon water tank and filmed using a canon 60D on a dolly. 
  • "Let the Right One In" storyboards
  • "Let the Right One In" storyboards. 
  • Opening Shot
  • Title resolve