Safe America Foundation "Text First. Talk Second" PSA
This public service announcement promotes Safe America Foundation's slogan, “Text First. Talk Second.” During an emergency we want to know if our loved ones are okay. When everyone is attempting to call their family and friends at the same time, networks can become overloaded and prevent calls from getting through. Safe America urges people to send SMS text messages first to verify if their loved ones are okay, and to reserve phone calls for life threatening emergencies.

This PSA won two awards:
—1st place in the Safe America Foundation Text First Talk Second competition. The piece was selected to be nationally broadcasted.
—3rd place in the future@motion competition.

Used: Adobe After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop, Greenscreen, Panasonic HVX
Music by Brian Kennedy, SFX/Voice over/Mix & Master by Travis Glines and Brian Kennedy
Advertising, Motion Graphics
  • Footage Stills & Storyboards
  • Early Safe America storyboard with working notes